Lumberjacks to the Max at the Big E

WEST SPRINGFIELD – You can’t miss hearing the outside voices cheering on the enthusiastic outdoorsmen.

This year the Big E Fair has brought back a popular act; just steps from the state houses, a rugged axe wielding bunch is warmly received. It is known as the “Timeberworks Lumberjack Show” and, three times a day, Dave Weatherhead’s team showcases all the skills from the timber sports world. Weatherhead said, “with the popularity of axe throwing a lot of people can relate to what we do.”

From log chopping to axe throwing to chainsaw carving to log rolling, the show exhibits all the disciplines you can see at events that run on cable television these days.

“It’s starting to get bigger and more people are into it,” said Andrew O’Connell, one of the lumberjacks in the show who travels the country and also competes in timber sports competitions.

On a sunny Wednesday at the Big E, the stands were full of folks curious to see the chainsaws in action, and which of the two competitors in the show would speed climb a 30 foot pole fastest. Weatherhead added, “we’ve had some fantastic shows here at the Big E.”

Lumberjacks to the Max at the Big E