Meet the Team


  • Dave Weatherhead

    - Dave moved from Nova Scotia Canada to Wisconsin to work for a summer as a lumberjack over 20 years ago. Dave loved the smell of the sawdust and the sound of the cheering crowd so much that he never looked back. Dave entered the competitive circuit and became an Iron Jack World Champion in no time. After many years of learning the tricks and trades of the sport and the business Dave became the proud owner and operator of Timberworks Lumberjack Shows. With over 25 years experience in the business Dave is a jack of all trades acting as owner, truck driver, emcee and competitor. In his free time you will catch Dave making some of the finest Chainsaw carvings you can find. Come watch a show and stick around to see what Dave will be Carving with his STIHL Chainsaw next!

  • Sue Hadley - aka Susie-Lou

    - Meet the woman who holds it all together here at Timberworks Lumberjack Shows, Susie Lou. General manager, emcee extraordinaire, master of bear sanding and burning, queen problem solver, and travel agent like none you've ever met are just a few of the titles she holds here at Timberworks. While growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Susie spent her summers off from school in Hayward, WI and quickly became entranced with everything Timbersports. It didn't take long for Susie to realize that entertaining others and running a business was what she was destined to do. Susie quickly traded in her heels for some work boots and headed North to Hayward. Although she has a lot on her plate you'll never find Susie-Lou without a smile on her face, and some sawdust on her hands. Fun fact about Susie Lou-- even though she claims that she's isn't a professional competitor she has been known to throw a few bulls eyes in the axe throw. Come watch Susie this summer and maybe you'll get to see her show off those axe throwing skills she's been hiding from us for so long.

  • Samantha Hadley

    - We would like you to meet lumberjill Samantha Hadley, a Hayward, Wisconsin native. Sam first stepped on a log at the age of five, and hasn't gotten off since. Her competitive nature and hard work has paid off as she is currently ranked as one of the top 10 women's professional log rollers in the world. Sam says "What I love most about the sport is the competitiveness of it, there's nothing else quite like it. After that I would have to say my favorite thing about timbersports is the people, they are pretty incredible. It's like having a second family, and each weekend you go to a competition is like a giant family reunion." Fun fact about Sam--she loves to try new things as she makes her way across the states each year. So far her list includes lassoing, STIHL leaf blower races, elephant and camel back riding, bull riding, zip lining, stunt show appearance, and don't forget her cow milking contest days (to name a few). Come watch Sam compete this summer and keep an eye on her after the show as you never know what challenge she will be taking on next.

  • Adam LaSalle

    - Adam got his start in Timbersports at Paul Smith's College in upstate New York near his hometown. After a few years in the Navy Adam returned to the states to further his education at the University of Wisconsin Steven's Point where he started a Timbersports team and went on to win the 2009 Stihl Timbersports Series Collegiate Title. Adam as since then moved up through the pro ranks and is currently ranked as one of the top 20 U.S. Competitors. Adam's favorite event is the single buck, and you only have to watch him saw once to understand why. Fun fact about Adam, he travels over 15,000 miles annually chopping wood in competitions from the East Coast to the West Coast. Come watch Adam compete this summer and stick around after the show to hear some stories about his gypsy lumberjack travels.

  • Nick Hastedt

    - We bring to you one of our all-time favorite photos featuring one of our all-time favorite lumberjacks. Say hello to Nick Hastedt, a lumberjack who was born in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to Hayward, Wisconsin at an early age. Growing up in Hayward meant starting log rolling camp at the age of five. While Nick is now very skilled in all of the different lumberjack disciplines, he says that log rolling is still his favorite event. He says what he likes most about Timbersports is "how fast paced and reactive you have to be for every event." Come watch Nick "Yo-Ho" with us this summer and stick around after the show to talk sports. You can take the boy out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the boy. Nick loves all Chicago sports and will gladly talk for hours about his beloved Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs.

  • Sarah Hadley

    - We are excited to introduce you to one of our more spunky team members, lumberjill Sarah Hadley. Sarah got her start in Timbersports with log rolling at the ripe age of five. When you grow up in Hayward, Wisconsin and both of your older sisters log roll you don't really have any other choice. Don't let Sarah's small size fool you as she can pull a cross cut saw and throw an axe with the best of them. Sarah specializes in log rolling and boom running, in which she competes professionally throughout the Midwest each summer. Sarah says her favorite part about Timbersports is that "it's dolphinately a rare sport that I truly love despite the difficulties," Fun fact #1 about Sarah-- she's dating a two time world champion boom runner and says she's hoping to master that event with some coaching from him this summer. Fun fact #2 about Sarah--she is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. Come cheer Sarah on this summer and be sure to stick around after the show for some beauty tips.

  • Sydney Hadley

    - We are pleased to introduce you to lumberjill Sydney Hadley. Growing up in Hayward, Wisconsin Syd got her start in log rolling at an early age and hasn't stopped rolling since. Although she learned to log roll before she could walk, Syd's favorite event these days is the boom run. She says what she likes most about timbersports is that "it's a unique sport that not many do." When Syd isn't running on logs you will find her on her snowboard cruising down the Colorado Rockies. Another fun fact about Syd-- she loves milk, 2% only. When you come to watch Syd compete this summer be sure to bring a glass of ice cold 2% to show her how much you appreciated her hard work.

  • Logan Alden

    - Meet Logan Alden, brother to Team Timberworks Athlete Tyler Alden. Logan also comes to us from Frederic, Wisconsin where he first stepped on a log at the age of 10 and really got started in Timbersports at the age of 18. Log rolling is Logan's favorite event and when asked what he likes most about Timbersports Logan says he likes "that it pushes my physical limits." When Logan isn't chopping wood he enjoys rock climbing and trail running. Come cheer Logan on this summer and stick around after the show to talk about the best spots to rock climb and get a good trail run in.

  • Tyler Alden

    - This morning we are excited to introduce you to Tyler Alden, a Frederic, Wisconsin native. Tyler chopped his first block of wood in January of 2013 and hasn't looked back since then. His favorite event is the standing block chop, and the thing he likes most about Timbersports is "the history behind it and the positive effects it has on your body." When he's not chopping wood Tyler enjoys bow hunting, fishing, and making his own maple syrup. Come watch Tyler compete with us as we tour the country this summer, and if you're lucky he will share some of his homemade maple syrup with you.